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Huzhou Zhili Shina Garment Factory Happy ballad  Yiyi Duck  EPNF TKLY Love art propaganda Zhili Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province Dong'an Road21number,Children's clothing production and wholesale,External order,Customized,

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brand:Happy ballad

款号:   801

Specifications:   100-110-120-130

面料成份:  100%聚酯纤维


执行标准:  GB/T 33271-2016

安全技术类别:  GB 31701 B类

产品等级:  一等品

检验证明:  检验员:06

洗涤说明:  image.png

建议另售价  268元

生产商:Huzhou Zhili Shina Garment Factory


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