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Huzhou Zhili Shina Garment Factory Happy ballad  Yiyi Duck  EPNF TKLY Love art propaganda Zhili Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province Dong'an Road21number,Children's clothing production and wholesale,External order,Customized,

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湖州Weaving liningChildren's clothing批发市场

           根据2011年国家统计局相关的统计数据,中国0-14岁儿童及少年已有2.22亿人,根据中国人均消费情况,结合相关的调查问卷的数据,预测中国的Children's clothing消费规模已经高达1500亿元,同时考虑到2011年的人口出生率为11.93‰,处在较高的水平,意味着,中国Children's clothing市场规模将继续扩大,发展情景乐观。高端Children's clothing作为Children's clothing市场的重要组成部分,考虑到高端Children's clothing主要由中高端收入家庭消费的现实,中国高端Children's clothing市场的规模也已经超过300亿元,前景非常好。

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